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Nowadays, one needs to be skilled in many fields of qualification. This considers degree programs, technical-vocational education and other related courses.Unisma To meet the conditions of a tech-voc education, one must enrol in a Technical-Vocational Institution where programs can be acquired for a short period of time.

Below are the seven benefits one can get from taking technical-vocational education:

1. TECH-VOC HELPS AN ENROLLEE SAVE TIME, MONEY AND ENERGY. One who takes technical-vocational education can save resources like time, money and energy. It incurs less expense hence it takes him only 3 to 6 months of schooling.

2. IT CAN PROVIDE SELF OR WAGE EMPLOYMENT. A technical-vocational graduate may be capable of landing a job through self and wage employment. A self-employed individual can utilize his time, capital and material resources to earn income for his family. His earnings depend on how he commences quality outputs maximizing available resources.

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‘A woman’s beauty is in whom she is and her actions, not what she looks like or what she wears.’

Zohra Sarwari

This is a question that has arisen many a time. What is funny is all the different answers that people will give me, when I ask them this question. I have done a survey and these are the 5 most popular answers that I have gotten, thus far.

1. They wear it to be modest.
2. They wear it to obey their husbands.
3. They wear it because it is their tradition.
4. They wear it because it is their culture.
5. They wear it because they are forced to do it.

Well I hate to tell you that none of these answers are correct. Would you like to know the real reason why Muslim women wear the headscarf (Hijab)? It is because their Lord has … Read more

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