Yogurt is one of the most versatile and wholesome meals on the land Yogurt is a fermented dairy product made by adding bacterial cultures to exploit, which causes the transformation of the milk’s sugar, lactose, into lactic acid. Kapana is meat grilled over an open fireplace. It’s fashionable all through many components of Namibia. However, it’s not regarded as a real conventional Ovambo food as it is a dish of latest origin. It probably made its first appearance within the open markets. Ovambo folks love their bars, eateries, small open markets, shops and shops; good places for a tasty grilled meat-snack or meal which accounts for the recognition of kapana. People are extra alive to in dropping pounds than adopting a healthy life-style, which would not be apt to them in the lengthy race. The emphasis must be on their general health; subsequently bodily as well as mental well being … Read more

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